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Title. The Teacup Chronicles: Part I
Author. synchrofreak 
Characters/Pairing. Daphne Greengrass/Zacharias Smith
Word Count. 150.
Warnings. None.
Disclaimer. All characters belong to JK Rowling.
Notes/Summary. The start of the teacup ride. Jenna (citrus_tears  ) had a dream one night that had all our characters on a teacup ride together, and she asked me to write that sequence out for her. Random as hell, but ilher. This is the first of many. :3 I love feedback!

Daphne lay in the shade, under the tree, watching that familiar blond man run around with two tiny blonde twins. The normal snarky, sarcastic attitude of Zacharias Smith had disappeared entirely, only to be replaced with a blissful grin. Daphne seemed to lose herself entirely, fascinated by this unexpected, drastic change.

"Daddy! I want to ride the teacups!" the little girl who resembled her mother screamed, pointing to the teacup ride that even looked sickening to ride. Zach feigned annoyance. "All right, all right," he sighed in fake agitation. These voices brought Daphne back to life.

"But not without your mum," he insisted. That turned Daphne off completely. "No," she warned. "I don't do the teacups!" Zach only grinned and beckoned her closer by grabbing at her hands to pull her up. "Sure, you do," he commented, towing her off to the ride as Daphne frowned and whined in protest.
Tags: citrus_tears, daph/zach, daphne/zacharias, fic, rp, rpg
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