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things are really changing in my life, and i feel like i don't connect with a lot of you anymore. if you'd like to stay and you're on the list below, please comment. if you agree and would rather not stay on my flist, please remove me from your flist. if you are not on the list below and would like to be defriended, comment here. if you're not on the list below, you're safe.

0_shonk_0 6x9is42 ____antics ___fin __apollo__ __tempestuous _backseatlovex _notxyourxstar orangeillusion afacelessattack aikotakara ayn_rand_fan_13 benderrrrr black_cissy blackrose_you blacksheep_88 bloodysirius born2bebrit bosawk camzy_zabini cassiethedragon channel_500 cheerleaderrr cheeseypants cheeznquackers chumpchkin cinamochanilla codename_evan corner_nerd corsicangod daisyduke96 danserelephant deadjennie disappearicons dwy elfish357 enchanted_light equus7 emmett eviltoothfairy0 explodinated fire_bad fissionkotta flyinmoonmonky fromheaven furrayhatsftw geli13 helmina incalescentsun insaneerin katarzis kawaiiusagi89 kel_sey kellbell5346 kikkirhodes kissmybutt_ laughalot3668 layed_flat lele_leprechaun lexperiment lily_radcliffe lilyofgryfindor lllano lonelygirl16 lucythedragon madeleneg masqued_dreamer meggoeggo millicentury milliefarilly need_ritalin nidoquabu oldfshndrmantic oreoclouds029 padmap434 pico_cailin polkadotsquared queenofhearts17 random191 rjlmoondoggie rubber_glove sagittaire sarabear206 scolixa scribbler2008 shakaleahlaka shinyglensidh simple_addict simplyvanille skittlesnme1827 squisheroo storger sunflower_pixie sweetbelle07 swirlof_emotion teenageangstxox teenageangstxxx themelodywithin thextearsxof13 things_kc_says tonksss too_much_green trees_rule true_weasley twyningwaters wes_t x_racheelia_x x_trulyy0urs xdarknessendsx xhale_oxygen xlilyevansx xnot_yrstarx xokelso xroonil_wazlibx yelserpsivle yourfuckingstar
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